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Writing Around the Block

A place for writers to cheer each other on

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This community exists as a place for writers experiencing blocks to commiserate and offer one another advice, prompts, and virtual chocolate. Members can feel free to post snippets of fic - original or fanfic - or to simply complain about their blocks and other obstacles to writing.

A long list of rules is probably not necessary, but since this community is intended to provide support for those struggling against some sort of inability to write, it's important that all members work to maintain an encouraging and compassionate atmosphere. When posting a piece of writing, please indicate whether or not you welcome concrit (constructive criticism). Unless the poster has invited concrit, please keep all feedback positive. The point here is to stimulate members' creativity and get them back on the writing road, and receiving criticism before they are prepared for it could inhibit that process.

Rules for participating in this community are as follows:
  1. All feedback and responses must be constructive. Anyone behaving in a less than respectful and considerate manner will find him- or herself booted from the discussion at hand forthwith, and possibly from the community.

  2. This community may attract underage members, so any writing samples (such as responses to challenges or prompts) that contain graphic sexual content must be placed under an LJ cut and marked as "NC-17" above the cut. Failure to do so will result in the deletion of the post.

  3. For posts longer than about 300 words, use an LJ cut to avoid bloating our members' f-lists. (You may notice that some of the earliest posts to our comm did not follow this rule. That's because it wasn't in effect at that point.) This rule will not be enforced with an iron hand; 328 words outside a cut won't get your post deleted. Just try to use common sense and courtesy.
That said, please feel free to begin using this comm as a safe haven and a first aid station for your writing soul!

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